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Applying at Little Flower

A Message from the Office of Admission

We are honored that you are considering Little Flower Junior College as one of your college options. As you make your way through the application process, before you begin, take time to reflect on your personal goals and values. What do you want from your college education? How do you learn best? What activities and interests do you feel passionate about? Many applicants worry so much about whether or not they will get into Little Flower that they neglect to think first about who they are, what they value, and what they want to achieve from their college experience.

We advise all prospective applicants,to take a campus tour and check out the facilities that the college offers. Our student counselors from every department, sacrifice their summer break, just to assist the students and guide them in selecting the course which is best for them, depending upon their interest, inclination, previous academic record and the future goals and ambition. The students are advised to seek the help of the counselors before deciding on the course they would want to apply for. We at Little Flower encourage the students to come to the college with their parents, who know and understand their child's  need better.

This is a time to think carefully about who you are, and to believe in yourself. Have confidence in what you have done and trust where you are going. We feel privileged to read your application and to learn about your achievements, talents and dreams. Our staff approaches the admission process with sincere and deep respect for you, and we will give your application our most serious consideration. You have our very best wishes as you begin your reflections. If questions arise as you complete the requested materials, please feel welcome to call or email our office for guidance.
Learning at Little Flower
At Little Flower we believe that teaching, learning, and research are all equally important components of an undergraduate education. The search to know, the drive to create, the substantive understanding of another perspective on the world, and a commitment to push back the frontier of our own limitations are fundamental aspects of the educational experience at Little Flower.

Little Flower Junior College, Uppal, Hyderabad 500039 Ph: 04027201160