Little Flower Junior College was established in 1974 by upgrading the High School of the same name in Abids, Hyderabad. The need for the college arose as a result of a change in the Government's education policy. The multipurpose scheme was given up in favour of the Junior college system. Although we did not readily adopt the change, persistent demand prompted Bro. Vincent, Principal of Little Flower High School, to examine its viability. The interest shown by the chief Minister

Mr. Vengal Rao, led to the grant of a piece of land in Ranga Reddy District and LFJC began to take shape. There was an initial difficulty in the form of paucity of funds. So LFJC began its life in the school premises itself with only 2 sections, one each of MPC and BPC. The college functioned there for 8 years, producing excellent results and a number of top ranks.

Work on the building at Uppal, was taken up in 1980. The late Bro. James Pannivelil was placed in charge Mr. Srinath Magal was the Engineer and Architect. The excellent and speedy job done by them enabled us to shift the college to its present premises on July 1st 1982. Finishing touches were given later and a small auditorium was built in 1988-89. An additional floor on top of the office block was constructed in 1996-98.

At present the College buildings comprise two imposing Four storied-blocks. Spacious grounds and plenty of greenary all round, give the College an impressive look and create a congenial atmosphere for academic pursuits.

The large and numerous classrooms have given rise to a substantial increase in students strength. From about 200 students when the college functioned in the school premises, today the number of students has risen to 1600. We now have two sections of MPC, one section of BPC , four sections of MEC and one section of CEC - total eight sections of the Ist year and eight of the second year. Co-education was introduced for the first time in the academic year 1997-98. This move has been a success in every way. There are now many girl students on the rolls.

To day, we are proud to stand tall and be known as one of the best colleges in the city. It is our endeavor, to move forward with the willing and active co-operation of everyone who is a partner in the blossoming and grooming of "LITTLE FLOWERS"